Friday, 13 October 2017


hello beauties. I am back with another blog post. Today it's about a brand which has transformed my skin care and haircare game.


Years ago, I thought to go natural with my skin care and hair care regime. With the market flooding with a gazillion of brands and products we all get overwhelmed. After years of research and failures, finally I discovered a brand which worked for me. My skin is acne prone and sensitive. I have been suffering from severe cystic acne in the past and finding skin care products that actually dont break me out is a big deal for me. Trust me guys I have tried all natural brands available, Himalaya, patanjali, Lotus Herbals, but none of them worked like Biotique
Today I brought to you my TOP 10 products from Biotique.


If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, the Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Facewash is the best for you. It cleanse your face without drying out your skin. It is best for the humid climate.
It retails for Rs 240 for 300ml
You can buy it from here and here


Irrespective of skin tone, climatic condition, thing that is a must for any skin care regime is a non-alcoholic TONER. Its been years I am using the BIOTIQUE BIO CUCUMBER PORE TIGHTENING TONER. It's so soothing on the skin.Immediately after application, a slight tingling is felt which subsides after 2-3secs. The herbal ingredients present in this toner helps maintain the skin pH balance and tighten the pores, and hence control oil. Ingredients like Cucumber and Peppermint oil refreshes the skin.
It retails for Rs 175 for 120ml
You can buy it from here and here


The BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE shampoo and conditioner is my latest crush and have been my saviour ever since. I have a detail review post HERE
It retails for Rs 175for 120ml
You can buy it from here and here


I have never thought in my wildest dream that I will ever love any soap.


I have a little story. Recently I went for a little trip to my native. Due to excessive humidity and the rainy weather, I started getting really bad skin allergy. I had rashes. My skin was bumpy and extremely itchy. Itchy to the point that at times it bleeds. I stopped applying all my body lotions and started using calamine lotion. But it didn't help at all. Rather made it worst. I stopped using my body wash and wanted to buy a medicated soap instead. At the drugstore, I saw the BIOTIQUE BIO BASIL & PARSLEY BODY SOAP. I asked the salesman there and he said it was good for soothing irritated skin. Also, BASIL being the key ingredient really fascinated me as BASIL and NEEM are used in Ayurveda treatments for skin problems. And this product has both. I got it and used it. The very first day, my scally skin felt soft. The redness looked surprisingly mild. Though I had itching, it was much less. I was sold. A week use and VOILA!! My skin is back to normal. Another wow factor is that, unlike other soaps, BIO BASIL & PARSLEY body soap doesn't dry out your skin. 

It retails for Rs 50 for 75gm
You can buy it from here and here


After trying out the magical BIO BASIL& PARSLEY body soap, I wanted to try some other body soap from Biotique. BIO ALMOND OIL Body Soap attracted me the most. I have a thing for almonds. I love eating them, and any product with almonds attract me. The BIOTIQUE BIO ALMOND OIL body soap is quite moisturising on the skin. The skin feels supple and silky after application. Its best for the winters.
It retails for Rs 50 for 75gm
You can buy it from here and here


This product is actually a face lotion, but I use it for my body. Its so rich and extremely moisturizing. Its like gallons of water for your skin. It feels hydrated and so soft. The Biotique BIO MORNING NECTOR skin moisturizer is a must-have for the winters.
It retails for Rs 199 for 120ml
You can buy it from here and here


I would like to start by saying, I am currently using my 4th tub of the BIOTIQUE BIO PAPAYA  REVITALIZING TAN-REMOVAL SCRUB. YES!!
This clay-based exfoliator has perfect sized scrubbing granules which are not harsh on the skin and provides the correct amount of exfoliation to get rid of dead cells, blackheads and all the gunks. The CLAY present in it absorbs excess oil and makes your skin radiant.
It retails for Rs 199 for 75gms
You can buy it from here and here


The BIOTIQUE BIO CLOVE PURIFYING ANTI-BLEMISH FACE PACK is a blessing for oily and acne-prone skin.
I have been using this face pack since ages and I have seen a significant result on my skin. It not only controls the appearance of zits, also get rid of scars. Your skin feels oil-free and clear by using this face pack.
It retails for Rs 199 for 75gms
You can buy it from here and here


Though the BIOTIQUE BIO ALMOND OIL CLEANSER is for both face and eye, I dont use it on my face, as it makes my combination acne-prone skin to break out. I use it only to remove my eye makeup and it works wonder. The presence of ALMOND OIL makes it so thick and hence easier to get rid of the stubborn waterproof mascara and kajal. I take the product on my palm and massage it on my eyes. Within seconds all my makeup starts to melt. Yes, its messy but worth it. For the kajal, I take some of the remover on a q-tip and clean the waterline. I feel safe to use this herbal makeup remover on my eyes as it doesn't burn and irritate my eyes. Rather its quite moisturizing for the eye area.
 It retails for Rs 175 for 120ml
You can buy it from here and here

The next two products and quite special as these are used by my 4yrs old daughter. Yes. She loves and uses biotique as well from the time she was an year.


The BIOTIQUE DISNEY GIRL BIO HONEY NOURISHING BODY LOTION is a rich creamy moisturizer which perfectly keeps the baby skin super hydrated and restores its softness. It has got very mild fragrance which is great for kids. HONEY in it moisturizes the skin and ALOE VERA soothes, thus keeps our baby's skin soft for hours. The best part is it absorbs quickly so no need to massage it for long on our super active keeps.
 It retails for Rs 280 for 200ml
You can buy it from here


The BIOTIQUE DISNEY GIRL BIO BERRY SMOOTHIE BODY WASH has pure organic ingredients and thus is a gentle cleanser that cleanses baby's sensitive skin without stripping off the natural oils. It has a very mild fruity fragrance.
It retails for Rs 180 for 190ml
You can buy it from here

That's all guys. This completes my TOP 10 products from BIOTIQUE. I hope this post is helpful to you all.
I will be back with another post soon. Till then take care cause you totally worth it !!!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Being a mom I usually dont get much time to do a full-on glam makeup look. Its usually a "no makeup" makeup look for me. Quite natural. No eye makeup at all. But sometimes mom too want to spice up her makeup look. And this is when colored eyeliners come in action. Colored eyeliners usually add that oomph to your look without actually doing much.

This post I dedicate to one of my saviors, MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER in ELECTRO SHOCK


  • MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER in ELECTRO SHOCK comes in a color-coded packaging. ELECTRO SHOCK being a BLUE shade comes in an electric blue bottle with a black screw-on lid. The overall packaging is quite sturdy and sleek and hence making it travel-friendly.
  • A very fine brush is attached to the lid, which gives a very precise application.
  • MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER in ELECTRO SHOCK retails for Rs 325 and is easily available at all Maybelline counters. You can also buy it online from Nykaa here


MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER in ELECTRO SHOCK is a ELECTRIC BLUE shade which suits almost all skin tones. This shade instantly brighten up your entire look.


  • Trendy and sleek packaging makes MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER compact and travel friendly.
  • The ultra fine bristle makes the application easy and hassle free.
  • The applicator makes it easy to draw the perfect liner.
  • The texture is neither too thick nor runny hence adds on to a smooth application.
  • The quick fry formula makes the liner dry in few seconds. So no need to wait with your eyes shut.
  • The MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER in ELECTRO SHOCK is a pretty electric blue which instantly glams up an everyday natural look. Keep this eyeliner in your purse and swipe it on your lash line and you are all glammed up within mins.
  • MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER is easily available and quite affordable too.

Its a must have for any girl. If you are a beginner and want to experiment with some colors, the MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER is just what you need.
Its a HIT HIT for me. Hope you enjoy the MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY ELECTRIC LINER  and stay glam all the cause you totally worth it...

Monday, 11 September 2017


hello beauties,
How are you all doing??I am back with a review post. Generally, I don't review hair care products on my blog and this is because I don't use anything fancy on my hair. Lately, I have been trying to keep my hair care routine quite simple and use herbal products only. I tried many products from herbal brands like Patanjali, Himalaya but all of these brands tend to make my dry hair even dryer, bristle and unmanageable. Recently I got my hands on BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER and I have been using it from past few weeks. So today I want to share my experience with you all.

Biotique is the first ever skin care brand I tried. I first tried their masks and still hooked on to them. I have almost used all their face masks, toners, makeup remover and even my daughter(4yrs) uses biotique baby range. Thats how much I love and trust Biotique.
Well this post is dedicated to my recent found love from Biotique i.e. BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER.


  • The product comes in a transparent, sturdy bottle with a screw-on cap which is quite travel-friendly.

The entire ingredients list is available on the bottle which is always a plus for me.

  • BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER comes in 3 different sizes as can be seen above
  • BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER is easily available at any Biotique counter. You can also buy it online from Biotique website here or from Nykaa here

BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER is LIGHT GREEN in color and has a GREEN APPLE scent. This fruity scent lingers for some time in your hair


  • As the name suggests, BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, is a 2in1 product which has both shampoo and conditioner in one. Usually, when a product claims to be multifunctional, it fails in most of the cases. But to my surprise, this product is indeed a 2in1 product i.e. it's a shampoo and conditioner in one. As I stay at a place where humidity is at its peak all the time. Sweat is never a good thing for me with an oily scalp and dry hair. My hair is dry to the point that it can be bristle immediately after applying conditioner. But this product not only made my hair soft and hydrated, it also cleaned my oily scalp completely.
  • I don't exactly wash my hair daily, but just to try the claim by biotique, I used it daily for a week. Though I caught a terrible cold, my hair felt unbelievably soft and manageable. I didn't apply any conditioner at all. And my hair felt smooth and soft.
With the affordable price and the awesome quality, I would recommend the BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER to you all. do try it out and share your views in the comment section.
I have definitely found my ultimate hair care product and hope you enjoy using BIOTIQUE BIO GREEN APPLE FRESH DAILY PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER too...
Stay wow cause you totally worth it !!!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme in DEEP COCO

hey beauties... Welcome aboard !!! Today I will be taking you guys into my lipstick aisle... Let's pull out a lovely neutral shade. Its Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme in shade DEEP COCO


  • This lip creme comes in a transparent tube with a silver screw-on cap with the shade details on the bottom of the tube. 
  • Its sleek packaging makes it travel-friendly. 
  • It comes with a doe foot sponge applicator which makes the application quite easy and    hassle-free
  • The Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme retails for rs 675 and is easily available at all colorbar makeup counter. You can always find it online

  • The Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme has a buttery texture. It is rich and creamy and glides on your lips like a dream.
  • Its not drying at all.
  • It has a semi matte finish. It feels quite moisturising and hydrating on lips unlike most of the matte lipcolors.
  • The pigmentation is awesome. Just one swipe and its enough for your lips.
  • Now coming to the shade. DEEP COCO is the darkest shade from this range. Chocolate mousse is what it looks like. A brown shade which perfectly suits all skin tones.

  • Sleek packaging makes it travel friendly
  • Buttery texture makes it easy to apply
  • semi matte finish. Any how if you want to make it more matte you can blot it and apply some loose powder
  • Moisturising and hydrating on lips
  • Its not transfer proof. So need to reapply after meal
  • Easily available
If you are looking for an everyday neutral shade which is affordable and doesnt dry your lips, well then here is exactly what you need.
If you have tried any other shade from this range then share it with us below.
I will see you guys soon with another post, till then take care. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter : Review and Swatches

hey beauties...How are you all doing?
If you have been following my blog for quite some time now, then you must be knowing my inclination towards highlighters. I have reviewed quite a few highlighters in the past and today's post is also dedicated to a lovely affordable highlighter.Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter


  • OMG !!! Do I have to emphasis on the cute packaging...It comes in a beautiful heart shaped hard cardboard packaging. Though the packaging is adorable, still I wouldn't reach for it during travel.If you are a light traveller like I am, you would find it a bit bulky. On a side note Its perfect gift for someone who love makeup...
  • It retails for rs 1050 and you can buy it online from (I got mine for rs 893)

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter gives a beautiful champagne sheen to your cheeks without making it a disco ball.
It can be toned up by reapplying to give you that glamourous highlight for any night time event or party.


  • It gives a subtle champagne glow
  • Easily blendable
  • No chunky glitters so gives a nice sheen to the face
  • Can be used as over all finishing powder for that healthy glow
  • Packaging is bulky so not travel-friendly
  • Easily available online
Over all I like this product as it serves my purpose of a glowing skin. If you are looking for a full on highlighter then this is not for you as you need to patiently reapply several times. But if you love a glow and want an everyday highlighter then this is just what you need. Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter
Have you guys tried this product? Or any other product from I Heart Makeup range? Do comment below and let me know your views.

See you guys soon with a new post. Till then keep shining cause you totally worth it.

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Nykaa So Matte ! Lipstick in TAUPE THRILL : Review and Swatches

hey beauties....The Lipstick addict is here !!!

As many of you must be aware, has come up with its own lipsticks called Nykaa So Matte !. And being a fan, how can I not try them ! I picked a couple of them and today I will be sharing my opinion about the shade TAUPE THRILL


  • Nykaa So Matte ! Lipsticks comes in a beautiful matte black packaging with NYKAA printed on it which is awww classy. It shuts down with a magnetic closure. It looks quite chic and high-endy..
  • These lipsticks retail for Rs 399 !! I mean how did manage to make these great quality lipsticks such affordable !!!!
  • Its currently available only on But trust me guys nykaa's shipping is so smooth that you can literally feel like shopping from a counter.


 Nykaa So Matte ! Lipstick in the shade TAUPE THRILL, is a beautiful MLBB shade. It gives a vibe of that in famous "kylie jenner lipshade" A pretty brownish taupe shade which is apt for day as well as night wear.


  • Firstly let us all THANK for such great quality product with such affordable .
  • The texture is very smooth and creamy and the lipstick glides on easily on lips
  • Has a stay on power of 3-4hours, which is not that bad. After 4hours it leaves a stain though not that strongly pigmented.
  • Shade does not bleed.
  • Love the finish as it doesn't settle on the fine lines on my lips.
  • Well Pigmented.
  • Affordable
  • Easily available 

    I am quite impress with this range of lipsticks and looking forward to try some more shades as I am a sucker for lipsticks.
    Do comment below and suggest me your fav shade from this range.
    Thats all from me guys. Stay tuned for some more exciting posts. 
    See you soon...Love love all your way !!!